Barriers that women face

Gratë në Biznes have identified many barriers which prevent women from entering the field of the entrepreneurship.

Some of them are:

-Lack of the property

-Lack of women’s access to information and finances

-Lack of women’s business experience

-Education level of the women

-Lack of institutional support, including here the family, traditions and mentality.

-Other social and environmental factors




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NGO Gratë në Biznes / Women in Business/ is established as a response to women’s needs in Kosovo, especially in the fields of entrepreneurship and business.

More than two decades of experience in the sector of women’s economical empowerment & development, in rural and urban areas, enabled founders of Gratë në Biznes, to identify many barriers which prevent women to implement their ideas and initiatives to establish formal enterprises or business.

Women in Business consider and identify as main barriers on women’s involvement in economy the following:

· Education level of the women

· Lack of women’s business experience

· Lack of women’s access in information and finances

· Lack of institutional support, including here the family, traditions and mentality.

· Other social and environmental factors

Women in Business provides services and support for the women who have ideas or initiatives to start a business, including those who have informal businesses and women who have already established their businesses and need to develop them further, according to their capacities and their targets for the new markets.

Supporting of the individual businesses and creating one platform for networking and cooperating of women’s businesses and other actors of the market, Gratë në Biznes, believe that they will make a step towards bright perspectives for business women and new enterprisers.

Gratë në Biznes, aim to be a bridge among business women and institutions of Kosovo, to ease their communication and to influence on the policy making which stimulate women in the field of entrepreneurship in Kosova.

GnB, also aims to support and encourage women’s business initiatives and support them to create active formal businesses. This all will be given through providing of services like business plan writing, trainings, marketing, consultancy and advocacy. Gratë në Biznes will be a dignified advocate for women, for the institutional support of women’s enterprises.

Gratë në Biznes will provide services for networking of the women in business and as a bridge among women entrepreneurs and donors community to support them have access in the finances.

Gratë në Biznes will work very closely with other members of the business community, especially with business consultant companies to fulfill women’s needs.

Our Values

Gratë në Biznes ‘Women in Business’ brings new values in the field of economy and business in Kosovo, where the following values stand in the core:


Be open in communication and responsible to share with others values, beliefs, and results, is one of the values and main principles of Gratë në Biznes.


Women in Business understand integrity as cluster of values which derive from human qualities like honesty and character sustainability. Often, integrity is seen as a holy concept, where are judged systems and their capacities to reach their goals.


The basis of every human relation, include here even business affairs is mutual respect. In Kosova is a place where women face prejudices and are undermined in particular in the business field.

Promoting this value as a foundation or base of all businesses is the aim of Gratë në Biznes.

Mutual respect and following the “win-win” business principle with all business partners, women can have success with their businesses and have their place in the Kosovo’s business environment.


Diversity and inclusion – we believe that every individual has values and potential, thus is important to enable them reach and realize their potential, despite their gender, race, ethnicity, color, religion, sexual orientation, educational level, family status etc.


Sharing of information, goods and values among members of the group who have common goals and interests and show support to reach these goals and interests is a work principle of Gratë në Biznes.


Gratë në Biznes are responsible towards environment. Every business decision should consider responsibility towards environment for others who live there and for those who will live later.


Our vision is to create an environment which supports and enables a sustainable economic, social, cultural, and political development through full involvement of the women. Active involvement of the women in the country’s economy without prejudices enables them to reach their full potential and create a responsible society with fundamental human values at the core.


Mission: NGO Gratë në Biznes aims poverty reduction, sustainable economical development, welfare, peace and stability building through women’s economical empowerment, mobilization and development of their entrepreneurial potential, despite age, level of education, religion, race or ethnicity.


Goal: Women in Business provides resources, education, network and advocacy for women and their family members, to develop their entrepreneurial and business skills, to establish and develop successful businesses and enterprises and enables a supportive environment for the women’s enterprises and businesses.