Funded by Finish Embassy in Kosovo

Gratë në Biznes, supported by the Embassy of Finland in Kosovo, had the pleasure to launch the project entitled “Development of the Market Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs in Production and Services”, on March 21st, 2013, in Hotel “Prishtina”.

The project aims to support women develop sustainable businesses and contribute to the increase of local competitive production, in Kosovo. GnB strongly believes on women’s potential and on the impact this project will make for mobilisation of this potential.    

The project will be implemented with the partner agency Regional Development Agency – Centre (RDA Centre). 60 women entrepreneur’s members of GnB network will benefit from this project, Kosova wide.  

The duration of this project will be 12 month, starting as from March 1st, 2013 up to February 28th, 2014.

The project came as a response to the needs of women entrepreneurs, in exploring new market opportunities and removing some of the barriers women face especially in access finance or funding opportunities.

The overall objective of the project is: to increase of income generating potential of women entrepreneurs by promoting production, services and marketing in Kosovo, through specific objectives which are:

    1. New market opportunities
    2. Increase production efficiency and quality standards
    3. Meet market needs, especially for Women Market Centre

By the end of this project it is expected to have new market opportunities for women developed, production and services of women entrepreneurs are improved as per standards applied in Kosovo, and the market driven and competitive production is improved. Women will be empowered with know-how, capacity building and small scale investments in order to reach the objectives of this project. Thus, women entrepreneurs will be empowered and will provide better products and services in order to qualify and sell their products and services in the Women Market Centre, Prishtina that will be opened by Gratë në Biznes and will offer women entrepreneurs in Kosova a new market opportunity.

GnB considers this project as one of the most sustainable ones, thanks to the cross cutting of know-how, networking, partnership with market stakeholders, Women’s Market Centre, Prishtina, Cooperation with RDA, cooperation with Prishtina municipality, all links that guarantee the continuation of the project and women businesses in another dimension.

On the project launching, GnB network members elected their representative in the Project’s Steering Committee, Mrs. Fatime Limaj, from Banje – Malisheve.
On this occasion women entrepreneurs members of the GNB Network, exposed their products in the hall of Hotel Prishtina.